David’s House Rehab Center

In 2017, there were so many improvements and completed remodeling projects at the rehab center.  On the first floor, floors & ceilings were put in, walls finished and painted, cabinets installed, etc…  Just a few finishing touches are needed in the big/dining/class room and a stove hood in the kitchen.

Soon we’ll be focusing on the second floor which is the men’s dorm room. Once it is done they will move out of the old house, next to the main house, and into the larger dorm room with inside plumbing.  To read more about what’s happening at the center, check out our Facebook page:  Heart of Ukraine Ministries !

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Feeding the Homeless and Needy

In addition to feeding the homeless during the winter months, we also provide food donations to many need families, a number of which live in our small village (less than 200 people) of Khomytensi (Хомутинці).  We pass on the blessings we receive from local stores, the Kiev Food Bank and the Red Cross, to many large families, widows, older people, and aging WWII veterans.

For the winter feedings, we prepare 40 liters (10.5 gallons) of soup, 40 liters of hot water (for tea and coffee), and pass out bread with it.  On holidays, like Easter or Christmas, we do special meals of cabbage rolls, or a meat-rice dish and serve salads and dessert.  Our average is about 500 cups of soup a week !

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