One of the first and greatest needs of the underprivileged is food. We’re dedicated to feeding those in need in our community and teaching others to do so as well.

Our goal is to feed everyone who is hungry in Vinnitsa. Presently all of our meals are prepared in the kitchen of our rehab center, David’s House, and transported into the city to our feeding locations. Since we began this ministry in 2008 we have served over 75,000 meals!

Partner with us in #FeedingVinnitsa

While our kitchen isn’t portable, our knowledge and experience are! We want to ensure everyone in the city is fed but we can’t do it alone. If you are interested in feeding the needy, please contact us and we will share:

  • Kitchen needs for food preparation
  • Recipes to prepare in volume
  • Logistical advice, so you can get the meals to those in need

We can even work with you, on site, as you become more comfortable, knowledgeable, and independent!